McKenzies NI Ltd are a locally owned company offering a diverse range of industrial services across all sectors of the market place. We ensure safety, quality and dependability are integrated into each project as standard practice.


The company has evolved beyond recognition from that which was founded over fifty years ago by Michael McKenzie. Headed today by Managing Director Sergio McKenzie Snr., Sergio McKenzie Jnr and Suzanna McKenzie we operate from modern premises in the Port of Belfast and Port of Larne Business Park which we are currently developing. Using the capability we have attained across various disciplines our specialised teams are able to meet our clients needs and supply cost effective solutions. To complement our existing business we are opening a brand new state-of-the-art foundry in Larne.


A prized asset of McKenzies NI Ltd is our dedicated workforce which make a valuable contribution to the continued success of our company. We believe that by carefully recruiting the best people and investing in their training and development the company’s future growth can be secured.





McKenzies NI operates a multi site approach with depots based in Belfast and Larne and a fleet of collection vehicles.


Spread across Northern Ireland and Ireland our clients range from Corporate to Local Government to General Public to other Metal Recycling Merchants. With such a diverse family of clients are breadth and depth in resources and staff have been integral in serving our clients and maintaining our environmental stewardship responsibilities.


Our multi site approach between Larne and Belfast means that we are ideally situated to use main arterial routes likes the M2, recently upgraded A8, Port of Larne, and Belfast Harbour. This means we can serve clients efficiently and that our efficient fleet can get to customers in a timely manner.


With large industrial clients and local government clients we work in accordance to international protocols to ensure compliance and uphold regulations. Our industry is tightly regulated with new legislation and environmental orders, thus we take pride in ensuring environmental and safety regulations are prioritised.


We work with clients in the following industries:

Corporate Social Responsibility


The CO2 savings from recycling 10 million tons of recycled metals instead of using virgin ores saves the equivalent of 4.5 million average household carbon emissions.


Our role within the environment is driven by the need to increase the amount we recycle which will  support sustainable production. This will have a lasting impact on our planet and future generations both locally and worldwide. The use of recycled metal instead of finite virgin ores decreases greenhouse gas emissions, which pollute clean air and water sources is an environtmental win-win.


Our new smelting furnace will keep around 40,000 tons of aluminium from being shipped outside of Northern Ireland for processing and localise the lifecycle of the material. The recycled aluminium will then be fed back into the manufacturing industry in NI, reducing shipping, processing and recycling this finite resource.


We continue to make efficient improvements through increasing the scale of operations and reducing local emissions through upgrading our fleet vehicles to more efficient units.




✓ Efficient fleet vehicles

✓ Local source of recycled metals

✓ Extending metals lifecycles

✓ Localising recycling processes

✓ Coordinated approach


Accredited Recycled Metals Processor

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